At Nikos, we assist client organizations to fulfill the permanent staffing needs. We deploy the best way to organize the recruitment and selection process for permanent personnel in light of the client requirements.

We pride ourselves in making mutually beneficial matches between job seekers and our clients, and go to great lengths just to ensure that each satisfies the needs and expectations of the other. We do so by thoroughly understanding the specific needs of our clients, and then using proprietary recruitment techniques to select the most suitable job candidates.

Executive Search

An organization's culture flows from the top to the bottom. That's precisely why meticulous detailing is required to have the right people at the helm of affairs to create and drive the desired organizational culture. Working at the senior management level, we establish client relationships carefully, study their corporate cultures thoroughly and analyze candidate profiles rigorously. This enables us to ensure cultural compatibility and a successful match. Our approach to initially invest time and effort in completely understanding the organization's needs and evolving an agreed candidate profile is highly appreciated by our clients.

We evaluate candidates looking at their personal and professional qualifications, potential for long-term contribution, ability to produce results and fit with the corporate culture. We listen with patience. We think and plan. We do our home work. We investigate and conduct research thoroughly. We initiate. We respond. We conduct interviews. We believe in doing assessments and evaluations. We offer and explain. Finally, we help assimilate. Nikos boasts of a wide network of top level professionals, which enables us to identify and find the right leadership talent at the right places.

We work as a team with our clients. This gives us the ability to overcome challenges and surpass boundaries of technologies, skills, industries and countries.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a comprehensive outsourcing solution where we manage the entire value chain of the recruitment process for our clients. We are well-versed in working collaboratively with clients and employment branding partners. This enables us to develop, refine and deploy the right messages and tactics to optimise our client investments and deliver value.

We also offer specific, need-based solutions to our clients in the form of Project-based recruitments. We handhold clients right from the very first step of defining the organization structure, to identifying the right talent, and even assisting them in on-boarding and induction of the new members in the organization. Such solutions are most aptly suited to organizations which are at a nascent stage, or the organizations which are looking for expansions. Our dedicated teams, along with our robust hiring processes will assist you in all your talent needs, while you can focus on your core business.

Talent Development

An organization's Talent Management Strategy aims to pursue a singular goal: to provide a continuous flow of people who are prepared to execute the business strategy and charter new business frontiers. We assist our clients in developing custom fit talent management strategies and programs to execute the desired business intent, with a focus on achieving measurable and cost effective results.

  • Talent (People) Strategy
  • Competency Framework and Assessment
  • Assessment and Development Centers
  • Career and Succession Management
  • Sales Force Effectiveness

HR Advisory Service

We assist clients in defining and aligning a human resources vision, priorities, strategies and an enabling service delivery model, as well as policies, processes, and practices with corporate business strategies thereby impacting competitive position, financial profitability and overall organizational performance.

  • HR Maturity Model Assessments
  • HR Strategy – Measurement and Metrics
  • HR Service Delivery Strategy
  • HR Operations and Process
  • Competitive benchmarking

Organization Strategies and Change

We assist our clients in defining overall corporate, operational and support structures, including the delineation of roles, responsibilities, accountabilities, authorities, core competencies, values, internal communications and enabling performance management protocols. Assist client organizations in deploying result -oriented strategies, tools, and practices which help create a successful change effort. Key components include leadership and stakeholder enrollment, support to project teams, communications, identification of training needs, and knowledge transfer.

  • Organization Assessment
  • Organization Design
  • Job Design
  • Workforce Planning
  • Change Management
  • Communication
  • Measurement
  • Culture Assessment

Performance Management and Rewards

We assist our clients in developing performance management frameworks that align employee and team goals, activities, and efforts with the overall vision and direction of the organization. Key components include strategic performance categories, goals, key objectives and related measures, accountabilities and requisite tools and templates. We assist clients with the assessment of their existing reward strategy and programs and the development of new, aligned strategies and administrative infrastructures.

  • Integrated Performance Management System
  • Rewards Strategy Program
  • Incentive Plan
  • Benchmarking surveys

Workforce Development (Learning Solutions)

The goal of employee and management development is to align the company's business strategy with human potential. Our Workforce Development (Learning Solutions) practice assists clients in development and implementation of a functional system of strategic employee education and development.

  • Learning Strategy, Systems and Courseware
  • Knowledge Management